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Weddings at Ivy Road

Your wedding day is the beginning of the biggest journey you will ever take. Behind every wedding is a story waiting to be told. Our job is to capture contemporary stylish images that tells this story in such a way that every time you look back on the them your heart will skip a beat. We feel privileged to be trusted story tellers of your future history.

Our Approach 

We like to think of ourselves as modern traditionalists. It's super important for us to find the right balance between capturing your day as it unfolds, in an unobtrusive way but to also capture the people you love the most....your friends and family. We don't work from long lists of group shots but we do know the shots people always thank us for. As trends change and styles come and go we know you will always be thankful for that priceless shot with your Granny and Grandad. Weddings bring all your loved ones together and rightly so. It presents a rare opportunity to gather generations and extended family together, sometimes reunited for the first time in years. This is why we feel it's so important to get a few group shots for everyone to enjoy for years to come. If experience has taught us anything it's the importance of the stolen few quiet moments you will spend together on your day. A quiet stroll in a garden or a beautiful sunset is the perfect time to capture some special images to document your first day of married life.

Wedding Gallery

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