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We're Pamela & Jude, photography duo and best friends. We're best friends not because we're the same or because we have so much in common, we're best friends because we're so different. We discovered a long time ago that these differences make us unique and it definitely makes us the perfect team to capture your special day. This uniqueness shines through in our work and it's something that we are often praised for. 

In our home lives the differences continue. Jude is a very busy mum/ taxi driver/ head chef to three handsome boys, who like their mum are all football mad! In fact it's not just football it's anything, hockey, tennis, running you name it they do it. This comes in handy for the chat with nervous grooms or dealing with boisterous boys in the studio. Jude can often be found in the bar during a Saturday wedding watching the scores come in or hiding in the office listening to them on the radio.

Pamela on the other hand is mum to two very strong minded little girls...I can't think who they take after! Their world is full of glitter, music, rainbows, giggles and unicorns. Throw in a drum kit, some ninja moves and Beaver camps, all planned around nap times, feeds, and walking 3 dogs it's no wonder Pamela is the ultra organised ying to Jude's creative yang.

After a busy day in the studio or photographing a wedding, the one thing we do share in common is a rather large gin and tonic! 

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