How & when to book?....
We never take newborn bookings until your little one is here safe and sound, however you can register your interest by contacting the studio and we will add your details to our 'Newborn list'.
Once baby has been born just message us through Facebook or phone the studio and we will arrange a suitable time for your shoot.
We leave a few session slots open each week so we always manage to fit our special newborns in!    
What to expect?....
Our Simply Newborn sessions are designed to capture your baby's first couple of weeks in the world.
They are tiny for such a short period of time so the first couple of weeks, when they are still curly and sleepy, is the perfect opportunity to capture these precious images.
We pride ourselves in capturing natural sleepy shots and would never manipulate your little one into uncomfortable, un-natural positions. This is not our style! 
Depending how settled your baby is the shoot can last for anything up to 2 hours, so be prepared!!
If baby is bottle fed we recommend that you bring along an EXTRA feed. Milk drunk babies tend to be more settled.
We strongly recommend that you feed your baby in the studio just before we start the shoot as this usually helps them settle. Don't worry we allow plenty of time for this!   
Mum and Dad are more than welcome to join in the shoot as this can also help to settle your little one.
What to wear/ bring ?....
We photograph most of our newborns unclothed as this is the most natural way to capture all of their little details from fingers to their cute little toes! We recommend you bring your baby to the studio in a simple vest and baby grow. This makes it easier to strip them down and wrap them up in a cosy blanket.
We have lots of blankets and shawls but recommend you bring along one of your own as this helps to personalise your shoot. Knitted hats, cardigans or a little teddy can also help to make the shoot individual to you.
We have lots of props in the studio but love it when people bring their own! We have had motorbike helmets...Fireman veils.... bridal shoes.... musical instruments...and lots more.
If Mum and Dad or siblings are taking part in the shoot then try to co-ordinate the colour of your outfits. Try to avoid wearing big motifs and logos which can date your images quickly.
What happens at your viewing appointment?...
After your session we spend some time editing your images and creating a show. We never remove anything we think you would like but use our well trained eye to select the images we think you would want to see!
You can simply sit back with a cuppy, go through your images and select your favourites. We have lots of products to suit most budgets and are happy to find the best product for you.
Your ordered images are then edited further removing any small blemishes....or more, if agreed at time of order!
We endeavour to have your order ready as soon as possible however, orders can take up to 6 weeks depending on the product you select.
As your photographs are unique to you and cannot be resold a 50% deposit is required at time of ordering. For this reason we cannot offer refunds on any orders.
How and when to pay for my shoot?
We take payment at time of booking and accept card and cash payments.
All payments are non refundable but session dates can be rescheduled due to illness. One movable date is permitted per booking.
Simply Newborn